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Hope you are enjoying our beautiful Colorado summer!! This month’s blog topic is “Down Payment Sources for a New Home”. Saving for a down payment for a new home is a common roadblock that delays or prevents quite a few people from buying a home. Below are sources and suggestions to assist you in finding the down payment.
Hello everyone. March is here and spring is around the corner! This is the third installment of twelve monthly blogs on financial information useful to buying or selling a home. This month’s Financial Corner topic is “Mortgage Rate Lock”. Hope it provides you with useful information.
Happy New Year!! In an effort to constantly improve information provided to our clients, we will present a monthly blog on financial information useful to buying or selling a home. We will call it “The Financial Corner”. This is the first in a series of twelve monthly blogs for the Financial Corner – and it provides basic guidelines to getting approved for a mortgage loan. Hope it provides you with useful information.
The real estate market is soaring. But Millennials shouldn't feel pressure to get in on the action, according to financial experts. They're the largest group of homebuyers in the market today.
By Mimi Foster Colorado Springs Real Estate News What BUYERS Need to Know When Looking for a Home
  • Seeing more than 5 houses in a day will make them all a blur. Often people will want to “speed date” looking at homes. After 5, maybe 6 houses in a day, they all tend to run together and you won’t remember the details of each.

This Report will give you a quick glimpse of what's happening with the financial market effecting Real Estate Rates across the country, and effecting the Pikes Peak Region. To see more click below...
As rates rise over the next few months (as usually is common with republicans in office), we will see buyer's buying power continue to lessen. Here is a great chart from Academy Mortgage that can help speak to this:
What Is A Property Condition Report? An initial Property Condition Report (PCR) is immediately ordered when the property becomes part of HUD's inventory. This process is a visual inspection of the property and a plumbing pressure test. The PCR is not prepared by a certified inspector; therefore, no warranties are made in conjunction with the report. The preparation of the PCR is not a home inspection and is not intended as a replacement for the home inspection. Buyers are strongly encouraged to hire a professional inspector to complete a full home inspection.
COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO. -- If you're looking to buy a house or rent in Colorado Springs, doing your homework first on the housing market is what's recommended. According to Realtor Sandra Lehmann, deciding whether to become a homeowner or a renter all depends on how long you're looking to stay in the area.
Here I am, working with a great young couple looking to buy their first home... so far so good right? I have worked before with first time homebuyers and am very comfortable working with them. I met them at an Open House, and they had visited several. They have done their research online, and they had a pretty good idea of what they want.