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I have only been in the real estate business less than 2 years, but I have realized how very important it is to effectively communicate with those we come in contact with, whether it’s sellers, buyers, lenders, vendors, other agents or people on your team. I did some online research on this subject and found a great article from that describes four different communication styles. I had never really thought about it before but I found it very intriguing and I think you will too! Here is the meat of the article:
A polished home exterior creates an inviting experience for visitors or passersby, which is especially important if your home is on the market. Check out our tips to get the most curb appeal for the lowest cost — while turning your neighbors’ heads and getting prospective buyers to your door.
Fall has always been my favorite season – the colorful leaves, cooler weather, and….Football! Now, having lived in Colorado for 11+ years, winter is very close to being my favorite time of year.
There are three industries that have been constant wealth builders for hundreds of years. Shipping/transportation, banking/insurance, and property/land ownership.
The most impactful mission a seller can accomplish, as they entertain listing their home, is the prep of their home. Proper preparation of a home, inside and out, is vital in order for a home owner to get the most value for their home. The organization, cleanliness, and staging is very important. Once you accomplish the prep work and your home is ready to list maintaining that appearance throughout the showing process is essential.
Hope you are enjoying our beautiful Colorado summer!! This month’s blog topic is “Down Payment Sources for a New Home”. Saving for a down payment for a new home is a common roadblock that delays or prevents quite a few people from buying a home. Below are sources and suggestions to assist you in finding the down payment.
Happy Spring everyone!! This is the fourth installment of twelve monthly blogs on financial information useful to buying or selling a home. This month’s Financial Corner topic is “Getting Pre-Qualified versus Getting Pre-Approved for a Mortgage”. Hope it provides you with useful information.
WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. sales of existing homes rebounded in February after declining for the previous two months, a sign that many Americans are still looking to buy despite rising prices and a shrinking number of homes available on the market.
Hello everyone. March is here and spring is around the corner! This is the third installment of twelve monthly blogs on financial information useful to buying or selling a home. This month’s Financial Corner topic is “Mortgage Rate Lock”. Hope it provides you with useful information.
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